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Interpersonal Communication

Description of The Listening Process and Explain the Value of Active Listening in Professional Situations

The listening process demonstrates the ability to correctly interpret the messages for clutching effective business communication. The listening process entails five stages comprising receive, understand, evaluate, remember, and respond that evaluates the customer complaints about the products (Ives, 2020). The effective engagement of these five listening stages helps to gather information for justifying the customer preferences.

Active listening possesses active feedback to the customers through re-state the hearing preferences (Biesecker, Austin and Caleshu 2017).

The active listening carries the signature of the sincerity of the SMEs to expand the customer relationships and reduce misunderstanding. The active listening fosters the strengthening of the small-medium sized organisational cooperation with the customers (Jonsdottir and Fridriksdottir, 2019). The degree of active listening including repeating, paraphrasing, and reflecting qualifies the level of successful business communication. There is a need to communicate effectively within the workplace as it build up trust among the employees and enhance their performance Okoro, Washington and Thomas (2017). Active listening resolve a number of conflicts and impart greater consumer satisfaction. Active listening can help a person gain both positive and negative feedbacks easily and it can thus reduce confusion and enhance production.

List three benefits of effective listening in business

Effective listening enables the SMEs to acquire facts about making fruitful business decisions. There mention three benefits of effective listening in business.

  • Effective listening helps the SMEs to build and develop trust that maximises the customer relationship (Jonsdottir and Fridriksdottir, 2019).
  • Effective listening can reduce a higher degree of conflicts with the customers by paying attention to their complaints.
  • Effective listening helps the SMEs to snap back the customers and deliver the damaged-free products in time.

Identification of five ways of becoming a more effective listener

The effective listener can actively understand the provided information by the customers about the product delivery and damaged products to display interest in the information of the customer (Kashdan et al., 2018). He or she can handle the aggression and anger of the consumers effectively while being calm and composed. They are inclined toward identification of the loopholes in spite of pointing the loopholes themselves. There are five ways to become an effective listener to hold the customer’s interests towards the SMEs that are identified below.

  • It is important to realise the reason for listening to pay complete attention to the customers.
  • As an effective listener, it is significant to provide enough time for the customers and showing interest to know from them.
  • The effective listening environment requires providing to successfully decode the messages from the listeners (Mone et al., 2018).
  • To become an effective listener always maintains continuous eye contact with the customers and always stays alert about the preferences of the customers.
  • It is wise to don’t interrupt when the customers speak and always observe the body language of the customers to become an effective listener.

Explain the barriers of listening in a diverse workplace

The diverse workplace possesses diverse employee integration problems that throw massive barriers to listening. Some listening barriers in the diverse workplace are described below.

  • Cognitive dissonance-Cognitive dissonance is the state of demonstrating the inconsistent beliefs, thoughts, and attitudes that are highly relevant to attitude change and behavioural decisions (OKORO, 2018). Cognitive dissonance happens when the person demonstrates two or more contradictory ideas, beliefs, values, and experiences psychological stress. The cognitive dissonance restricts the listening curve.
  • Language barriers- The language differences carry the signature of close organisation culture that creates issues in overall business communication (Yousif et al., 2017). The language is the most concerned listening barrier in a diverse workplace where the different language creates barricades between the speaker and the listeners.
  • Consumer aggression: It is common for employees to experience angry consumers which are dissatisfied with the services offered by the employees. Moreover, it is often difficult for the employees to calmly listen to their complaints and they themselves lose their self-control. However, an active listener must have enough patience and self-control to understand the concern of the client and give him the required service.

Describe the effectiveness of constructive feedback to foster the open organisation culture

Open communication demonstrates the key to open organisation culture that relies on effective construction feedback. The effective construction feedback welcomes the workers of the SMEs to feel comfortable expressing ideas, and opinions. The effective constructive feedback possesses the openness to communicate that encourages the workforce towards the open organisational culture (Ives, 2020). The constructive feedback helps the person of the SMEs to set the individual goals and take action accordingly to gather the goal-oriented information that justifies the preferences of open organisation culture. The business ethics suggests a person to provide beneficence to the consumers and do justice with the work (Pina et al., 2018). Constructive feedback is thus a step to develop business ethics which ultimately foster an ethical and open organisation culture. 

How could you approach the supervisor for outlining the customer complaints through effective feedback and active listening skills

Effective feedback and active listening skill is the successful medium of approaching the supervisor. It is important to think about the concerned solution before approaching the supervisor. Effective feedback and active listening skill help to formulate the concerned solution in the context of outlining customer complaints (Jonsdottir and Fridriksdottir, 2019). The risk calculation of product packaging and delivery system can successfully approach the supervisor for constructing a better solution. Effective feedback and active listening skill justify customer complaints to approach the supervisor. It is important to point out the main and critical facts about the production system fault in front of the supervisors (OKORO, 2018). Always be professional while representing the customer complaints to the supervisor and willing to illustrate advice for getting better communication with the supervisor. Open communication can help while providing constructive feedback and active listening to the supervisor can help manage the consumers effectively.

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