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Occupational Health and Safety

What is the full title for the Victorian OHS Act and what is the year of commissioning?

2. The full title of Victoria OHS is occupational health and safety act (OHS act). The act is commissioned in 2004.

What year are the Regulations for the State of Victoria?

3. The regulations for state of Victoria are form in 2007.

What is the year and full title for the South Australian and Western Australian OHS/WHS Act and the regulations?

4. South Australian OHS/WHS act

The principal WHS law in South Australia consists of the Work Health and the Work Health and Safety Regulations support Safety Act 2012 (SA). The act was founded in 2012.

Western Australia

The OSH regulations set the minimum requirements for the specific hazards, administrative practices, and other work in relation to health, wellness, and safety. The regulation was formed in 1996.

Under the Victorian Act, summarise the:

a. Legislated Employer Responsibilities

b. Legislated Employee Responsibilities

c. Legislated Manager & Supervisor Responsibilities

5. The summary is as follow:

a) Legislated employee responsibilities – the act state that the employee must ensure a responsible care for his/her health and safety in the workplace. He/she should take care of others as well. The act states that the activities done by anyone should not affect other’s work. The act provides a satisfaction that anything or any action done by the employer will be in accordance with the act or regulations. Employee must not intenationally interferes with anything at the workplace to support health, welfare, and safety.

b) Legislated employer responsibility – according to the act, the employer must monitor employee’s health and provide the medical accessories if required by employee during working. The employee make sure to monitor the conditions at the workplace under employee management and control. This is the responsibility of employee involves the monitoring of conditions at workplace under his/her guidance and control. The employer must keep information and records about the workplace, health and safety of employee. Employ or involve people in OHS act to take advice from the employee health and safety. The employer must ensure that the business work must not interfere with the other people including visitor, public, and other workers.

c) Legislated manager and supervisor responsibility – the manager or the supervisor must ensure the safety outline which may affect the work activities or other colleagues. They must ensure the legal requirements regarding health, safety, and wellness. The manager must obey the regulations rules under the act and ensure that the safe work method statements are completed. They should conduct indications and regular safety briefing in each department of the office. The manger should routinely participate in incident investigation and leading by the example in the organisation so as to promote the health and safety of the organization at every opportunity.

What are three (3) sources that could be used for additional information?

6. the information can be taken from the following sources:

a) Work safe Victoria laws and regulations

b) Victoria state government laws

c) Occupational health and safety standard rulebook

Using your own words, summarise the purpose of Codes of practice

7. The code of practices provide n insight on the how one can accomplish the standards under work health and safely law. Code does not replace the WHS laws, but help one in providing the actions on how to do things. These are the written rule that explain and provide a protocol on how one should behave in organisation. The code of practices provides detailed and scientific information on task to help one to achieve the organisation’s standards required. There are various segment that provide a safe works provide code of conduct on abrasive blasting factories, confined and other spaces, construction and demolition works, excavation work, first aid work, hazardous manual task, electrical risks, hazardous chemicals, work environment and facilities, structures, housing construction, welding practices, and other practices. The code of practices may be regarded as an evidence of what is known about hazard, control, risk, and rely on it to determine the reality and also the circumstances on which the code relate. Under the work health and safety act 2011, the codes of practice are admissible in the court proceeding.

Research and briefly define the following acronyms:

a. DWG

b. HSC

c. HSR d. PCBU

8. The definitions are:

a) DWG – It is a designated work group. The DWG are one of the important art of health and safety representation in the workplace. DWG is a group of employees, which perform the job or actions similar to health and safety concerns. In the single work place, there can be more than one DWG, who can be employee of an employer at once or more workplaces, employees of multiple employers at one or more workplaces. The function and responsibility of DWG is to ensure that the workers are head on WHS matters. Their purpose is to provide the forum for management and works together to identify, resolve, and safety problems so as to develop and monitor safe system in an organisation.

b) HSC – it is a health and safety culture. The HSC is a wide corporate culture that describe how people think, feel, and percept about the health, safety, and wellbeing of the society. The culture provide an insight to promote and influence the people of organisation with respect to their engagement in work.

c) HSR – The role is to achieve the health and safety outcomes in the workplace and represent the interest of health and safety interest of employee and safety issue. In an organisation, the employees are entitled to encourage and must be developed in relation to health and safety. the employee should exchange and transfer their information and ideas about risks

d) PCBU - PCBU is the person conducting a business or undertaking. The WHSv directs the duty of care on a person conducting business or undertaking. The WHS act section 5 determines the meaning of PCBU and actions associated with it. The primary duty of care includes the health and safety of workers and also others who are directly or indirectly associated.

Using your own words, define and explain the following:

How you would work towards promoting a Health and Safety Culture within your workplace (if you do not have a workplace you can still envision how you would achieve this)

  • The importance of consultation
  • Barriers to consultation
  • The importance of communication
  • Barriers to communication
  • Key elements to an induction program

8. Planning a health and safety culture

Health and safety plan are one of the important need of the organisation in terms of employee safety and wellness. According to me,, I will include the following plan for the safety and wellness includes

  • Reporting and investigation of near misses,
  • Encouraging the engagement of all levels of organisation,
  • Implement the departmental wise safety plans to increase the ownership and accountability,
  • Providing the training programme to employees with respect to workplace health and safety,
  • Addressing the gaps or deficiency in employee health and safety
  • Regular surveying of staff to ensure the safety of employee.

Importance of Consultation

Consultation is the good practice of implementation in organisation. Consultation identifies opportunities, assist decision making, problem solving skills, help accomplish their goals. The good communications and consultation are the central to the management process, that help in dealing the working conditions, working practice, and employee communication in n organisation.

Barrier to Consultation

Consultation is a good tool that help the employee to work effectively. However, sometime, internal or external factor responsible for the ineffective consultation. The barriers associated with consultation include inefficient health safety, lack of understanding, lack of knowledgeable tools, lack of time, inferior quality of training and practice module, and inferior formal or informal management.

Importune of Communication

Communications is an important and effective tool in an organisation that is significant for mangers, employees, and team. The communications helps managers to perform basic function of organisation like planning, organisation, leading, and controlling. Effective communication provide the basis of co-ordination, fluent working, basis of decision making, increases managerial efficiency, increase the organisation peace and cooperation, and help in boosting the employee morale.

Barrier to Communication

The communication Barrier prevent the communication or may creat the misunderstanding in the organisation. This is the vital sigh of development of false relationship within the employees. The barrier associated with the effective communication includes semantic barrier, psychological barrier, organisational barrier, and personal barrier. These barrier willingly or unwillingly create disturbance and further interfere with quality work.

Key elements associated with the induction programme includes proper administration, quick and good company’s overview, its mission, goals, and values, one-to-all training scenario, one-to-one meeting, and feedback assessment evaluation. These parameters if included in the organisation will help the employee to attain its goals and also deliver them with effective knowledge and learning.

Complete the ergonomic assessment for your current workplace (this could be classroom, home office or work office) and submit the completed document as part of this activity.

What are the steps that comprise the Hierarchy of Control?

Steps comprise hierarchy of control are as follow:

a) Elimination

b) Substitution

c) Engineering controls

d) Administrative controls

e) Personal protective equipment

What is the process of reporting hazards?

Process of Reporting Hazard

  • Identify the hazard or incident
  • Recognise and respond
  • Complete hazard and incident report
  • Incident investigation
  • Reporting incidents to authorities
  • Recordkeeping
  • Review and implementation of measures

Ergonomic of Workplace

The ergonomic at workplace include the stain, injuries, mental illness, fatigue, and pressure. The ergonomic problems may or may not associate with chair, mouse, monitor, material supply, phone, footrest, and any other. This factor and the work pressure are responsible for the development of professional hazard.

Provide an example for each of the following hazard types:

a. Biological: Coronavirus disease b. Chemical: corrosive hazard due to leakage of acetic acid, sodium hydroxide in industry c. Ergonomic: Physical unfitness due to excessive work in workplace d. Physical: Heat and cold stress e. Psychosocial: occupational health issues f. Safety: Injuries and downtime

Provide an example of five unsafe acts that can occur within the workplace (please also reference your current workplace to support the listed acts – unlikely an officer worker would suffer a chainsaw accident, but an Arborist could)

Five unsafe acts within the workplace are as follow:

  • Exposed electrical circuits or switches that may lead to current and physical injuries
  • Improper storage of material nearby seat that could lead to physical damage
  • Operation of equipments or tools at over or unsafe speed
  • Usage of defective equipment and operating the equipment without proper authorisation or training
  • High or increased work load that may cause mental distress

What does the term “Ergonomics” refer to?

Ergonomic and ten principles associated with it are:

Ergonomic is defined as the way people and workplace can be best suit and designed to ensure safety, efficiency, and productivity. It is the scientific discipline that determines the interactions among human and other elements of the system. It ensures the safety of workers and help in maintain the safe and healthy environment in the workstation.

Briefly outline the ten principles

Ten fundamental principles are:

  • Work in natural and proper postures
  • Reduce excessive force and excessive stress
  • Everything in reach and must be easy to handle
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Minimise pressure point
  • Provide clear approach
  • Move, exercise, and stretch
  • Develop and maintain a comfort and easy environment

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