The Golden Age: Fulfilling Lives for Older People

Table of Contents


Discourse impacting older people.

Barriers to and factors promoting leisure sports and lifestyle.

Limitations faced by older people in enjoying post-retirement life.

Perception of society towards retired older people.



Introduction to Retirement for Workaholics Life

Along with age, experiences and attitude of people changes towards the society they live in. Old age is considered very miserable to different people because they no longer have employment due to which other people in communities and societies often start treating them differently (Howard, 2014). However, these social behaviours are not common, and attitude of societies towards retired persons can be friendly as well. This attitude is considered a prominent factor, which describes the leisure, sports activities, lifestyle and communication of the retired people.

The purpose of this report is to present an analysis of the impacts and barriers, which affect the experiences of older people in their societies. For this purpose, the report describes the discourses that impact “Gloria Peters” who is a 65-year-old lady previously working as a teacher in high school. The report features an analysis of the limitations faced by the lady and the perception of the society in shaping her leisure, sports and lifestyle.

Discourse Impacting Older People

There are several discourses, which impact has significant impacts on the older people after their retirement. These discourses and their impacts are analysed below.

  • One of the major discourses to older adults is the sense of being dependent on their families after retirement. Gloria Peters, who was interviewed, described that while living with her family, she was considered as a burden and treated. This discourse affects the mental wellbeing of retired people in societies and communities (Glicken, 2010). Since they no longer belong to the earning age; therefore, the attitude of their relatives may change after retirement. It can be understood that before retirement Peters would be contributing to her family through financial means, which stopped after her retirement. Hence, a sense of burden becomes prevalent among the retired elderly.
  • Another significant discourse having immense impacts on the wellbeing of older people after retirement is the time spent with the family and other people belonging to their age. Most of the old aged people wish to be around their loved ones and friends (Yogev, 2012). In this manner, they become close to other people in communities who are also at the stage of retirement in life. Also, old aged people like Gloria Peters love to spend time with the children in their families. It can be understood that activities of communicating with people of the same age allow old aged people to share their feeling, which reduces their anxiety. Unlike this, time spent with children is also a mood enhancer, which improves the wellbeing of old aged people (Mothie, 2010). Hence, it can be said that spending time with friends and family members is a discourse, which may have positive impacts on the psyche and wellbeing of old aged people.

Hence, several discourses may have different impacts on the wellbeing and lifestyle of retired old aged people.

Barriers to And Factors Promoting Leisure Sports and Lifestyle

There are various factors, which may act as barrier or promoter of leisure, sports to Gloria Peters. These factors are evaluated in the following manner.

It was found during the interview that Peters was enjoying regular trips and outings with her family members. She illustrated that after retirement, she started going on more trips and spending time with other people. It is one of the significant factors, which promote the leisure and lifestyle of Peters. Various studies indicate older adults enjoy outings and other memory, creating trips, which may have positive impacts on their psyche and attitude towards life (Glicken, 2010). This could be the reason why Peters said that she was quite happy with life after her retirement. She also has healthy relationships with family members and is a highly social person. Interaction within societies and a higher degree of communication reduce the probable anxiety after retirement for people. For this reason, the social activities of Peters allow her to have a happy and jolly life.

Also, it is found from the interview that Gloria Peters spends immense time for sports after her retirement, which is also a factor reducing the anxiety of life. She also described that after her retirement, she got indulged in more sports activities than earlier, which indicates her wellbeing. These activities are one of the major reasons to reduce the loneliness of her life as she may attract children also while playing sports (Mothie, 2010). Also, it can be said that a society in which Peters lives has a good perception of her. For this reason, she is admired for different activities such as guiding adults, young and children about the quality of life and many others by society. It can be understood the admiration and recognition by the surrounding people allow retired people to understand their worth. For this reason, Gloria Peters had a comparatively higher degree of satisfaction and happiness in life even after retirement.

Limitations Faced by Older People in Enjoying Post-Retirement Life

After retirement, many of the old aged people describe facing certain limitations, which restricts them from enjoying life to the fullest. It is because of the changes, which are brought forwards by the retirement such as no earning, issues of physical health and many more. In addition to this, change in societal view towards the retired person also affects his or her activities (Formosa & ‎Higgs, 2015). However, these limitations are not ubiquitous as different retired persons may have different sets of conditions and situations around them. For example, there can be people who may face physical issues after retirement or financial constraints, which restricts them from making decisions as earlier. While interviewing Gloria Peters; it was found that there were fewer circumstances, which could pose limitations on her in enjoying life during the post-retirement phase of life (Howard, 2014). She responded neutrally to the questions of switching to a money conserving mode and the change in behaviour of the society towards her after retirement. With this information, it can be interpreted that Peters is facing fewer limitations corresponding to the decisions such as making trips and holidays; playing sports and many more.

However, it is also found that Gloria raised the issue of being considered a burden by her family members. For this reason, she might be required to make decisions, which may prove her supporting her family. Different opinion and attitude of the family members may have immense impacts on the decisions likely to be made by old aged people after retirement (Glicken, 2010). Also, it can be said that after retirement, Peters is not working due to which her health condition might be deteriorating. It could be the reason why she said that she has become more conscious. She has to change her lifestyle, which may include time spent on sports, eating habits and many more. Hence, these conditions have to pose limitations on Gloria after retirement.

Perception of Society Towards Retired Older People

It is also a major factor, which may affect the quality of life and lifestyle of the people after their retirement. Various studies suggest that along with age, people develop an expectation to be recognised and be valued by the people in their surroundings (Pascale, ‎Primavera & Roach, 2014). Lack of social activities and recognition can make retired people worried about their social image and gimmick. It can be understood that scenarios of being loved and admired by the people in societies allow old aged and retired people to be happy.

Considering the perception of society towards Gloria Peters; it can be said that she is cared for and loved by the people in society due to her various activities. People admire the values and suggestions she provides to adults and young ones about life. It is a reason why people easily converse with Peters, and she does not feel leftover and lonely (Formosa & ‎Higgs, 2015). Also, she illustrated in the interview that she loves to spend time with another retired person in her community. She often interacts with them and spends time discussing things about their family issues, children and others. It can be understood that Gloria Peters is a highly social person who has lots of people to talk with and communicate her feelings and experiences. For this reason, society perceives her as a happy and lively person.

Conclusion on Retirement for Workaholics Life

It can be concluded from the above report that post-retirement age is highly considered in one’s life because there can be many changes and factors, which may affect the lifestyle and wellbeing of people. Gloria Peters, who was a high school teacher, can be said quite happy after her retirement as she is a highly social person. However, she is viewed as a burden by her family members after her retirement; but, the society in which she lives has a different view of her. She spends more time on things, which may improve the quality of her life after retirements such as playing more sports, communicating with people in societies, making regular trips and holidays and many more. There are certain limitations also, which may affect the lifestyle of Peters. These limitations may include health consciousness and others.

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