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The aim of the research

Women empowerment is generally promoting in global development objectives CITATION Mae15 l 1033 (Maes, et al., 2015). My research is being proposed for analyzing the role of women empowerment in poverty reduction. We will find the relationship between women empowerment and its role in poverty reduction. The research will cover the importance of education of women in reducing the level of poverty in, especially developing countries. The basic aim of this research is to reduce the level of poverty through women empowerment and education.

Research design and methods

The research will be carried out by using a qualitative approach. By using the qualitative approach we collect the data through interviews, focus group, record keeping or observation method technique. The research will include the outline of survey questions, interview schedule in women education centres or universities.
The research design will maintain the level of respect for the participants by collecting confidential information. Moreover, the research has Benn conduct and formally constituted in academic institutes because education centres we can get the data in a better way. The qualitative research approach will be helpful to collect the information. The outcome of selecting an academic institute for the research proposal will be that we can get reliable information.

Use of existing stored data

In this research, we will use existing stored data in order to specify the role of women empowerment in poverty reduction. The existing store data will be collected from the female education sectors and service sectors. The data will be like how much ratio of working women and how much ratio of non-working women. In the service sector, what is the ratio of working women and how much they are inspired to take their future The data will be collected from the official websites or annual reports of the companies by analyzing their division of male and female workers. Either we obtain data personally from the education centres through interview question or recorded data.

Risks and benefits of the research

The expected risk of the following research could be consent of participants to give their opinions or thoughts about the women empowerment and poverty reduction. As, it could be possible some participants would not be willing to respond actively CITATION Bau184 l 1033 (Baumeister, et al., 2018). Maybe, questionnaire design could be difficult for the respondents and research could not easily find the relationship between women empowerment and poverty reduction. This is a critical aspect of the research and therefore will be taken seriously. The design will be kept simple and understandable and the participants will be communicated with so that they understand the questions they are answering.


The expected benefits of this research could be a high response rate and the positive results of the research. One of the biggest benefits that can be achieved through this research is to find the potential of women empowerment and its impact.


The progress of monitoring in the research refers to the assessment technique in which the research shows the progress of the research ineffective way to set and meet the academic goals CITATION Wil17 l 1033 (Wiliam amp Thompson, 2017). The researcher will monitor the progress of the research to ensuring that gather data is right. Moreover, the researcher will monitor the success of the research to decide what and how to measure it. For this purpose, the research will gather the data by selecting appropriate tools. The best method for monitoring and evaluation of the research analyzes the performance indicator. This can also be done through face to face communication with the respondent. This can also be monitor through benefit analysis.


The research will include the role of education and empowerment in the reduction of poverty. Basically, there are two types of resources primary and secondary. In the following research, we will use the primary resources which can be the first hand of the actual events. The research data will be collected through using sources such as education sites online scholarly journal articles and other rich sources of information through research will be carried out. Therefore, online scholarly and other sources will be the resources of this research. Published books, magazines, the newspaper could be the best resources of this research in order to find the role of women empowerment in education and in the reduction of the poverty level.

Conflict of interest

No, there is no possibility of the creation of any conflict during the course of research because of the well construction of the research process. Conflict of interest normally occurs when there is any unethical activity involved in the research process. The conflict can be managed by using confidential information in the research and by using ethical values. The ethical values may include collecting the data after the consent of the respondent, the respondent must be asked either they are willing to give a response or not CITATION Bel185 l 1033 (Bell, et al., 2018).

Description of participant groups

The participants of our research will be females, working women, educated women including upper, lower and middle class. The number of respondents will be select from the education centres, universities and service firms. The respondent will be selected form the education centres and institutes because it gives clear evidence of what is actually the importance of education in women life and how it helps to reduce the level of poverty. Working women are better aware of this fact that education helps them in every sector of life CITATION Hen15 l 1033 (Hendrick, 2015). The research will include both inclusion and exclusion criteria it is an important principle in research which helps to produce reliable results.

Explanation of the recruitment process

The research will be done through recruit analysis of the respondents. Such as recruitment is a method of the pool from respondents might select. We will recruit the respondents through the following steps
First of all, the research panel will be build which involves creating a database of the potential research candidates. For example, the research will be carried out through the interview and survey questionnaire. Obviously, the data cannot be gathered from all education institutes. Some of the institutions will be selected for the research, and then participants will be screened.

Description of the consent process

Providing consent form to the participants is an ethical behaviour of the research. Through this way, the respondent evaluates the nature of the research and helps to give a positive response from the respondents. The consent process will begin when the research starts. It may include different elements such as privacy, confidentiality of record, and protection against unjustifiable deception. Moreover, the respondents will ensure that what they have been asked to respond must be confidential. The respondents do not force to give the answer to every question. The consent form indicates and explain to the respondent that what the rights they have and particular the right to review the material and right to withdraw the process. The respondent will indicate their consent to the process of research when the research will start.

Reimbursement of expenses or incentives to participants

There is no such an expense or cost will be which participants will bear. Participants or respondents just only have to respond to what has been asked from them. Therefore, in research, there is no concept of reimbursement of expenses of incentives to the respondents. The primary goal of this research would just find out the relationship between women empowerment and poverty reduction in the country.

The pre-existing or unequal relationship

Pre-existing relationship points to the participants participating in the research have some sort of relationship even before the research is started. This can potentially make the process easier but can have impact on the diversity of the sample size. This can have impact on the research result so in this process there is no such relationship that exists. This will make the research results more reliable.

Does research include children or young people

As it is discussed above the research participants or respondents will be working women and professional women. However, the children do not include in our research participants while professional or young people will be the part.
The age group of research participant will be 18-35 and above people including male and female. On the other hand, there is a need to take consent from the parents of the participants because it is important to take consent from the parents of the participants to judge.
The research will include the participants under 18, and above age as this is the ideal age. In this age women better knows the importance of education in their life. The research will also include the adult participants and young people to find the relationship between women empowerment and poverty reduction. Moreover, there is no reason to consider the participation in the research which is not the best interest of the young people within the research.

Language and communication issues

The success of the research entirely depends upon communication which exists among the people involved in the research process. To make the research effective and efficient, there must be effective communication channels CITATION Bat16 l 1033 (Batra amp Keller, 2016). Like, in this research will collect the data through survey questionnaires and interviews. Therefore, for a rapid and effective response, in the research there should be face to face interviews or other strong communication means. Face to face interviews give rapid feedback, avoid ambiguity and double-barreled response. This does not only avoid communication problem but also give opinions and thoughts of the respondents. In this way live feedback can be obtained which translates through the body language and facial expression of the respondents.
The research will make sure that the participants who re participating in the process are well-aware of the topic of research. It will help in getting the answers that are helpful. If there is any confusion in the mind of the participant it can reflect on the results so it will be made sure that the questions of the participants are addressed properly. This will help the participants connect with the research process in a better way. This will increase the accuracy of the results of the research as well as it will help in spreading more awareness regarding this important issue on which research is being conducted.

People in other countries

The research will entirely do in Australia there will be no other option that would be selected to carry the research. The reason behind it if the research will be undertaken into another country so it would be difficult to manage the language or communication barriers in that country. The research will overall face some issues like high rapid response, questions complaints about the research and such that. Additionally, most important if the research will undertake in another country the culture of that country needs to be analyzed to understand the results properly. This concludes that it could be expensive and time taking and can prolong the research. There should be a viable research methodology and data collection technique if the research undertakes into another country.

Return of research results

After deciding the research technique, data collection method the research will perform the analysis and will take the results. The respondents will be asked about the importance of education the respondents will be asked how education and knowledge help them to get empowerment in life. These factors then will be analyzed, and findings will be returned. The overall research or findings of the research will not be shared with the participants of the research because it would be time taking and expensive. Moreover, there could be some risk associated with returning the research findings to respondents. As the collected data will be confidential and safe therefore there will be no need to return the findings of the data.

Will collecting data be in identified form

The research data will be confidential and will be in the identified form. Mainly, the data is identified into three categories such as identifiable, non-identifiable or re-identifiable. Most of the time, identified data is beneficial for the researcher to carry the research. The data which will collect from the educational institutes and other working organization will be identifiable. The information which will collect will be identifiable and can be easily analyzed.

How the research complies with relevant regulations

The whole research will be undertaken to apply the research laws and legal requirements. Such as the research will apply the mandatory information and reporting standards. For example, the research will carry out APA ethics code mandates for the research in which the participant has an equal right to decline the participation once it has started. NSPCC has also ensured some guidelines and reporting standards which protects the children and young people in the USA CITATION Lus18 l 1033 (Lushey, et al., 2018). Multiple legislation governs the protection of children in the country through relevant regulations or guidelines authorized by law.

Storage of data information

As we are academic students, so the data will be stored in storage files or university network fileservers. While the copies of the data will also be generated to keep the safe side. The copies of the research data kept on storage and portable storage. Moreover, the research data cannot be stored for a longer period of time. Before use and publication, the data can be retained for 5-10 years. The data will be identifiable and secure in a secure server. There will be no need to maintain the security of the stored data it will be stored in devices.

Collaborative research

The research will be collaborative, and it involves custodian, storage and retention of the data. When the data are stored, it is the primary right of the researcher to access the data and information, and he has full right to reuse the data or information. Data will be analyzed to produce the results.

IP, copyright and ownership

Intellectual property is basically intangible assets or property which is basically a result of creativity such as patents, copyrights etc. CITATION And186 l 1033 (Andersen, 2018). Copyright ownership of the research will be owned by the researcher itself. IP of the research will be owned by the researcher.

Publication of results

It is the responsibility of the researcher to notify the outcome and results of the research. The data will be confidential. The researcher will manage the confidentiality of the participants to ensure them the data will be confidential. Finally, the research will be published in the journal through periodical publication.


The research topic is based on the role of women empowerment in the reduction of poverty and nation development. It has a greater impact on economic growth. The basic aim of this research is to analyze the relationship between women empowerment and poverty reduction. The research will be based on qualitative analysis. The respondents of the research will be different education institutes and service industries. The research participants will include young people under 18 age and above this. The research will be undertaken in one specified country, not in another country.


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