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Workforce Working from Home Issues - Topic 1

Covid-19 has resulted in a change in the work culture and economic activities which no one expected. Due to this the companies are now resorting to work from home culture in their respective organisation. They are also facing challenges in implementing a work culture such as:

  • Communication problems- Since most people in an organisation are adapted to face to face interactions. Now this has become a problem as they are not able to connect which is leading to mismanagement & confusion within the firm (CXOToday.com, 2020).
  • Technical challenges- Due to technical issues such as internet outbreaks, electricity cuts at home, application crashes etc all these lead to disrupting the business (BW, 2020).
  • Security issues- Studies have shown that in the work from home culture business is largely prone to data theft and other security problems.
  • Domestic disturbances- Since the work space of employee is now in this case are their homes there are a lot of disturbances. Like family members talking in between calls, door bell ringing etc. It becomes difficult then to concentrate on the work (Virgin, 2015).

If being self reflective on the current situation of Covid-19 it has lead to a change in the decision making. For studies students are now resorting to online portals, online classes for which they need to have adequate internet facility in their homes. Also in regard to employment the countries are now trying to produce their own products. So the people will now resort to employment in the food sector, clothing sector etc taking into consideration the current scenario.

Workforce Working from Home Issues - Topic 2

Work life balance is a key word heard in our so called corporate lives. The ethics and foundation of several organisations is laid on this. In today’s high paced technology driven world bench job has become obsolete. Now anyone can work any at time and at any look and corner of the world. The world has shrunken with evolving advanced technology and so has our personal space and living. The employees are getting mails, calls even on a day off which are invading their personal space at one point since they entire world is connected via technology these days.

In many developed countries like France, Spain, Luxembourg these days they have laws and regulations which pertain to ‘right to disconnect’ (Vice, 2019). Right to disconnect is the legal right given to the workers to “switch off”’ and not respond to mails or any work related issues after office hours. However, in Australia there is no such law regarding this.

The Data Privacy Legislation 2019 has increased the penalties on all the areas for the breach of this act. This act ensures that the personal data collected by social media online maintains the privacy of the Australians. Any breach of information collected by any organisation will be liable under this act and will have to bear the consequences and penalties with it in terms of compensation to the victim (Hwlebsworth Lawyers, 2019).

Workforce Working from Home Issues - Topic 3

Many companies give the option to their employees of work from home but in this scenario they face a lot of problems. The most significant in this is of breach of security. The data when people are working remotely is a lot more prone to threats to thefts and of attacks from various sorts of malware. Since the workers are working on unprotected devices such as tablets, laptops, phones etc. they unknowingly are prone to cyber risks which can lead to staking the information and data of the company. For this the employees need to ensure that they are protecting their devices via antivirus, VPN tunnels etc so that the chances of security breach of data and information could be minimised. So it becomes highly essential to take certain steps and measures by which these issues are regarding security could be reduces. These measures include: 

  1. Installation of tracking software’s: The employees can make use of tracking software’s which enables as if the device on which you are working gets lost or stolen it tracks to the person using it or the data (Lifehack,2020).
  2. Keeping strong passwords: Another way to ensure security breach is to have long varying passwords. Also by educating the employees regarding password protection is one of the important factors in keeping data secure (CMS Wire, 2019)
  3. Using two step verification: It acts another layer of protection against any kind of security issues. As if a hacker gets the password he would still need to pass the other verification process in order to get access to the data (NetworkComputing, 2020).

In addition to these there are a number of other measures which also can be taken to secure the data. In case of studying we need to ensure that our internet and VPN is secured. Our devices have an antivirus so that there is no breach of information. In addition to this the students need to ensure of keeping strong passwords of their online study portals so that no one is able to get access to it. It is highly important that the data we use is secure and no one breaches the information we are using.

Workforce Working from Home Issues - Topic 4

Business intelligence (BI) is one of the most used tools in an organisation. It includes strategies and technologies used by the organisations for the analysis of data in the business. In today’s world many start-ups are resorting to business intelligence in order to overcome the challenges faced by them while operating the business and its activities. It can be understood with the following points:

  • Cost reduction: BI helps the entrepreneurs in formulating a plan by determining when to invest in the resources so that the overhead cost gets reduced which in turn maximises the productivity of resources (Towards Data Science, 2019).
  • Providing good consumer experience: With BI the start-ups can easily access the data of their customers and with the data can formulate strategies to attract more customers resulting in increase in sales.
  • Increases productivity: BI has the capacity to redefine the business procedures so as to increase the productivity of the employees by centralisation of data and managing the customer grievances effectively (Maximizer CRM, 2018).
  • Improving time management: It enables the entrepreneurs to work in a systematic manner which helps the manager to put an eye on all going tasks which manages the time (Straits Research, 2020).

Thus it has now become inevitable to include business intelligence in the business as with the help of it the business can work in a more efficient manner and thereby increasing the profits & productivity.

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