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Human Resource Management - Scenario 1 Analysis

i. The performance system shows relative bias with the metric assigned to the majority of employees. Opinions and inferior community bias is linked with personal gravity for organization push (Shields 2020). The employee performance ranking system is flawed since the manager's personal bias is reflected in the rankings. Employee rating is subjective to performance compared to expectations. Standard norms are compared and paired with objectives set to define productivity for the transition to a new role, organizational restructuring (Colleda 2018). It depends on the influence of managers and interpersonal relationships. The ratings are inheritably subjective in the given case study due to the affirmation of the manger to people who belong to the same belief and system. Family background and education as a demographic feature is linked with BN’s s closeness, personality, and conformity within the workplace and outside created a subjective bias for ranking.

ii. The performance rating system flaw diminishes the organizational climate that drives perception and group behavior (Colleda 2018). It will affect employee morale and create an internal communication barrier between teams. Internal dynamic erodes morale and creates a hostile environment in the team if the shift is not maintained. Compassion will be reduced in employees with the above-forced ranking. The performance being inconsistent shows a focus on employee productivity not being a primary factor. Strategic alignment of the team for credit unions required to safeguard the interest of community spirit will be hindered in the discipline. The reward structure and benefits assigned previously may not be assigned objectively creates position-gap in the team. The lack of focus on learning and effective paradigm with the formulation of ideas and concepts for the organization, strategic role to improve group dynamics and collective thoughts. Prejudice based on demographic, social, and education declines the interest of stakeholder and resource utilization (Medium 2019). The internal gap in social groups accounted due to educational and social background creates rift, creating a local foundation in groups for workplace integration.

Human Resource Management - Scenario 2 Analysis

i. Equal and just treatment of employees should be ensured for creating a progressive workforce. Culture and organization have to move to acknowledge diversity rather than stereotyping. Diversity and group management through group development and collective activities to achieve assigned task reduces the negative process. Performance appraisal an assessment of past performance have to be re-implemented. Employee motivation and behavior to be a key goal for boosting productivity. Assessment of employees should be done through mid and end yearly performance review. Performance measures conduct through mid-year is a design of a system with skewness to rank employees effectively (Helmond 2019). Small organizations like RG can easily be addressed for 360-degree feedback and management by objectives which are an enhanced way of ranking on goal vs performance in the regional branch.360-degree feedback will broader the perspective and shows the scope of improvement at skills.

ii. OE's work performance has been excellent with RG other than the shift seen twelve weeks ago. The shift in performance and behavior change is modular with fear relating to the rewards and remuneration decline as a link with his performance delivery (Welin 2016). OE in his current position has reached reward and remuneration at the highest level and had reached the stage for movement to the position. Work performance is in line with motivation linked to factors essential for productivity. The change in organization policy hinders OE's work and behavior driven by job insecurity and lack of empathy. The change in employee contract and management principle is the prime reason for OE s current condition. The introduction of education rules for the potential position which was OE‘s aim created a conflict and changed in his mindset. The cash bonus lined with position acted as an additional benefit, the further shift shows behavioral impact due to the setback. Organizations looked to tap more qualified staff for management centric role. New recruitment and selection policy is a threat to OE‘s position with qualified staff and change in management in the department and his promotion looked bleak. The work schedule change led to a steep fall with less consideration to contribute to work led to OE s performance turning to satisfactory.

iii. The alignment of work created by psychological contract create structural work performance. The measure adopted by the company to create a comprehensive environment for workers to encourage stickiness is related to rewards linked to develop stability .OE s behavior may encourage change in other workers and impact the culture in the department .Movement of OE in the department to higher ranked positon is considerate to his performance and work ethics developed. The changed scheme will include fixed pay salary increment to motivate OE to reach pre-change in attitude productivity. The psychological contract considers the relationship, trust between employer and employee as actions that are expected from employee (Welin 2016).Communication is a key part of work commitment and expectations by employer Employee behavior and feelings are not governed in the tangible e -binding agreements that can be upgraded to include non-monetary benefits. The emotional conflict as a breach to social and cultural change in organization for long –serving employee is a setback .

The exchange of services (skills, operational effectiveness) is directly linked with reward (Greip 2019).Disagreeing by the new practice OE s value drive for performance declined with unavailability and casual approach. Affection and growth linked to practice is instrumental in creating preview and organizational branding .The contemporary employee contract at firm should include communication directly between employer and human resource representative ( Abdullah 2017).Understanding of work environment is essential with role of management team to upscale for new management and responsibility that are in line with strengths of OE. In the work setup, employee attitude is influenced by employee care at work. In house training and development for the program for mid-level executives to be formed for maintaining benchmark and increasing productivity simultaneously. Streamline of work in department laterally with increased autonomy will increase productivity and consistency of OE’s work. Establishing trust and indication of likability through workshops , tem projects assigned to OE will pull him towards primary ole and increase his zeal to take initiatives to work

Human Resource Management - Scenario 3 Analysis

i. Abandonment of employment relates to a situation where the employee is absent at the workplace and has failed to communicate the same (Walsh 2015). BD’s attempt to reach out to the employer is genuine and as a manger BD will be allowed to work. The decision is taken on the basis of BD‘s performance .It is observed that disciplinary action will be taken with an independent committee to prevent such misconduct by staff in the future.

ii. The intention to work for an organization with a willingness to be inclusive towards binding to the agreement is critical to allow an employee to work. As a human resource manager, coordination, effectiveness and wellbeing are prime factors to create a robust working environment for staff. Gathering insights about the incident with BD showed situational events affecting actions and conduct by the staff. Employee retention and discipline is maintained in the organization for open-culture for redressal. Frequent time off shows lethargic behavior and jeopardizing career by unexplained leaves is considered odd practice. Internal committee meeting to evaluate employee circumstance action taken in due course established the incident as unfortunate with public apology and acceptance of failure by the staff. Employee absenteeism without prior information is stated in employee handbook and contract assigned to the employee (ACC 2018).

The reason for absence can be verified by asking for potential documents to increase the reliability of the claim. The need for understanding employee situations in vulnerable times is a conscious aspect of organizational culture and a team-centric approach. BD has been a valuable asset that certain his intent for the right course and conduct. Employer's duty of care is to take reasonable action to ensure continuity of services and employee entitlements (ACC 2018). The emergency led to an absence for an excess period relating to the unfortunate incident. As a conductive environment, physical and mental health concern is primarily important for employee wellbeing. Monitoring of their health and work efficiency is mandatory to safeguard other employee safety. The explanation by BD on receiving a letter from HR is coupled with a reasonable explanation that will be treated as an exception to the arrangement.

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