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Paul Goldman‘s film Australian Rules expose the hypocrisy of racism. The film centrally located in a poverty-stricken town in Australia and revolves around a white boy Gary and his friend an aborigine Dumby. The film based on novels Deadly, Unna? (Goldman, 2002). It highlights racism and relationships with the Australian football match as an essential plot in the movie. The movie deals with racial issues between the Aboriginal and the whites. The injustice is depicted in the movie with poverty-stricken conditions exposed (Goldman, 2002).The racial impact in the initial part of the movie shows the aboriginal overlooked in the medal ceremony. The central characters as white and aboriginal. The aboriginal societies are affected by colonialism by western settlers and government policies. The movie deals with the Australian football team. The out shaken house of the black family is neglected as poverty shaken. The coastal community and youth survival among poverty is shown vividly with their struggle as an indigenous community

The movie shows the community difference on the field with reference as whites (Goonyas) and Nungas playing together on the field. The striking friendship is a similarity of sportsmanship between the two boys. Gary is a white adolescent is friendly at the bay with players across the local football team. The individual belief and values show the attitude of society towards the inferior group (Coates, 2015). Dumby s solace to football as his best talent is spotted by a city talent scout that leads his thoughts for the rise in sports and time away from peninsular emptiness are the factors which he moves towards football. The rise of Dumby in the premiership and football was appreciated by the entire team. Australian rules show the bravery of Gary when he takes ant-racist stance and try to reconciliation between communities. The interruption of football play by the arrest of aborigine team members shows the exclusion and oppression of aboriginal people. The film address racism through the pace with thought-provoking questions following the death of Dumby. Dumby's struggle for food by indicative consumption of ‘pov meter’ reflects the castle community sentiment of the boy. The poverty-stricken environment only force them into marginalized society with a source to essentials and earning dwell only at the next day for their survival.

The immediate effect of action with diverse groups blurs the boundary for meaningful relationships in a cross-cultural environment (Craig, 2018). The Aboriginal people are welcomed in the football gain for a part of success but are ridiculed in the backyard after the match. The strong sense of friendship between Dumby and Gary is close centered with games across with youth working on the field simultaneously with the coach and others scouts working tirelessly for football premiership match The outpour at the bar by the brutal reaction by a family from Gary’s end proves dissent in communities for color. The cultural code between Dumby and his cousin in the final match showed compassion towards each other as a community attribute. The gap between the community and fear of racism led Gary to hide his relationship with Clarence from his white friends. The cultural practice in whites and the offshore community is indifferent behavior with composite factors for its central (Flood, 2019). The impact of family shows the intellectual thinking and old age superiority among the whites by the conflict scenes shown between Gary and his father. The youth s movement of change through their behavior and friendship as solidarity is shown by his attempt to cover a graffiti. The friendship with Dumby withstanding racism existed shows deep-rooted hatred and prejudice on the color shown by the team at the ground

The aboriginals are the best players on the field but the play rules are marred by the scout team which has boys from the whites (Gwynne, 1998). Dumby s talent put him on the top with the aim to move ahead in the same field. Judgment on the basis of culture, appearance, and race divides society with poverty tying them to the ground. The film shows the non-inclusion of aborigines in the community in any activity shows only football as a contact. The father too disregards friendship between the communities and regard it as dangerous. The apartheid separation between communities on the basis of color hinders the relationship between Gary and his friend. The central them of the movie shows opposition to the racism that is unable to fight back against the racism between communities. The scene at the funeral is where Gary shows his masculine strength and solidarity words his friend despite resistance from his family. The portrayal shows the relationship between the poverty and social condition in Australia through its visual orientation describing the racial discrimination Gary s father describes him “to be different “due to his friendship with Dumby‘s and Clarence (Goldman, 2002).

The film deals with young people’s minds on change on self with the stressor of society on a large end to protest and demean the movement. The unfortunate killing of Dumby and his friends at the pub creates uproar with whites believed that he got punished for his attempt at robbing the pub. The moment of confusion by Gary s father in killing his friend shows the uproar in the community and rise to the lines of the gap between the whites and others. The racist graffiti after the funeral observed by Gary is a representation of the community hatred towards aborigines. The restatement moment and crumbling of society on the death of a friend enraged Gary and increased his affinity towards his friend for equality. The assumption that young indigenous people steal money is the cause of concern for the violet act on them (Brown, 2019).

The central show of strength by Gary to stand up to his father about his relationship with Clarence after the death of his friend Dumby shows the act of Rage by father who has traditional thoughts about Dumby’s death and aboriginals. The film shows how racism and intolerance in youth and society pit them against each other. The movie in its scenes allows domestic violence and abuse by Gary’s father and his authority to be suppressed by his father for his life decisions. The courageous resistance towards Gary on his father's action reflects the strength carried by Gary with domestic violence survived by him over the years. The indigenous activities by youth have been upheld by criminal injustice against them by controlling through power deeply impacting their livelihood (Jayakumar, 2017). The depiction through the death of Dumby in the community and the young people s thoughts towards southern life amid racism created violet turn in the region.

The societal structure which causes indifference in youth development and disappointment is highlighted with Gary being promoted before Dumby despite him being talented. The gap in equality is endangered with the dominance of white in the football arena. The scene shows the effectiveness of the title ‘Australian rules’ because deep down others are aware that Dumby is the winner .Gary s experience and hardships with the racial stance created conflicting opinion in the region. The racial system is uprooted within cross-border and the community hardship are common in the poor regions (Craig, 2018). The indigenous Australians face interpersonal and societal downturn due to low economic activities with limitations to economic opportunities (Kamaloni, 2019).

Color is an issue among the boy's friendship with football as the only common link. Dumby jokes about the Aboriginal culture and discusses myths. The boundaries created by the central character with never visiting home shows representation in society is prime to their friendship. The prima facie instances create a structural impact on the freedom and stature in society on being oppressed (Brown, 2019). The racial stance in the moment creates society s difference on the death of non-white individual. The killing of his best friend ironically by father shows society s belief towards racism and brutality against non-whites. The film gives us an understanding of Aboriginal and islander s concern and an account of indigenous issues through Australian rules navigating through the routine in the scenes at bar island (Goldman, 2002). Gary’s attending funeral spark conflict with his father on attending his friend Dumby‘s funeral. The final scenes give a positive message with Gary and Clarence which re-affirms the belief they are together far off from the town to live separately far from the oppressive town 

In conclusion, the film shows Gary s experience and hardships faced by aborigines while growing up in Australia. The depiction through the seaside community and the young people s thoughts towards southern life amid racism. The indigenous Australians face interpersonal and societal backlash that results in decline of their involvement in the economic activities. The movie brings issues of reality while examining the racial relationship and intolerance that pits Australian against each other while the racial stance is taken by the individual to bring hope towards removal of prejudice against the indigenous community.

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