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Every professional was once a student. Every student has one goal, which is, to earn money. Earning money has a sole requirement - getting a job. To get a job, you need to have an attractive resume that will differentiate you from the normal herd of candidates. With My Assignment Services’ resume writing service, you can get your resume written by professional experts who have served as the recruiting managers in the most reputed organisations around the world. They know exactly what a resume needs, what a manager looks at, how you can highlight the important details and what are the important things in a resume that should not be missed at any cost.

Our Resume Writing Experts Follow A Format

The internet is filled with claims saying that there is not a single internationally accepted standard format for a resume. However, our experts have identified 2 basic formats that a resume can revolve around.


As the name suggests, this type of resume format gives importance to the details in an order, i.e., the latest event is placed at the highest priority and then proceeded in decreasing order. Our resume writing experts are experienced professionals and have identified in their long experience that the people who are having prior work experience should adopt this type of format. Hence, if you have any prior work experience, it should be listed in a reverse order. The experts begin by writing your last held position, the tenure of your association there, and the highlights of your job description with the organisation.

While writing a resume in the chronological sequence, they follow the below-mentioned format

Contact Details

This section has the following:

  1. Your full name,
  2. Your address where any formal document can be delivered on behalf of the organisation,
  3. Your e-mail address, and
  4. Your permanent phone numbers


Under this header, our resume writing services’ experts mention a brief summary of your skills in relevance to the job you are applying for. If a general resume is needed, the experts mention a short-term career goal that you wish to achieve through your job.

Professional Experience

Under this header, the experts explain the previous employment details in a reverse chronology. Here, the key highlights of your job role are mentioned in a brief form.

Following this format is the top priority of the resume writers in our resume writing services Melbourne region.

For those who do not have a long list of professional experience and are looking to highlight themselves for the first-ever job hunt, they can avail of our ‘Resume Writing Services Australia’ pack which follows a functional format rather than chronological.

Functional Format

A functional resume type is the one which focuses more on skills as the priority. Our resume writing service is specially designed for the students who are setting their foot into the professional world and do not want to risk their chance of an interview because of an inappropriate resume. Our resume writing experts mention the primary skills of the student at the very beginning because it will catch the eye of the recruiting manager as soon as they glance at the resume.

With this format, the experts make sure that the skills are in accordance with the requirements of the job, and are relevant to the course of study undertaken by the student in their educational background. Unlike other resume writing services, we do not believe in just getting things done. Instead, we follow the policy of getting the things done in the right way.

Our ‘Resume Writing Services Melbourne’ Pack Keeps You Away from Common Mistakes

Not just in this pack but even in the ‘Resume Writing Services Australia’ pack, we make sure, rather our experts make sure, to not make the common mistakes that the students or inexperienced people fall victim to.


A common type of mistake that students make in their resume is a typo and grammatical error. By availing of our resume writing service, you can rest assured as these experts are not going to make any such error that will put off the hiring manager with a negative impression.

Not Being Specific

An inexperienced person who is not aware of the intricacies of resume writing may write vague information instead of being specific. Our experts do not make this mistake. Having served as a hiring manager for various firms, our experts are well-versed in what should be mentioned in a resume. They mould the resume carefully in accordance to the job you are applying for. For example, a mechanical engineering graduate is applying for the role of production manager in a firm. His resume will not have the inclusion of skills like ‘Moonwalk like Michael Jackson’ or ‘Bending It Like Beckham’. These mistakes degrade the quality of your resume, inflicts a negative personality imagine and decreases your probability of working in the organisation in the future too.

Duties vs Accomplishments

Our experts say that they have many times seen students who went on and on about what they did in a said event and what were their assigned duties. Resume writing services prefer accomplishments over the duties. As a hiring manager, one would like to see what the concerned gained from that experience and what did he or she accomplished rather than what they did. We ensure that whatever role you were assigned for a job, we highlight the key learnings from the same.

Inexperienced Resume Writing Service

As the president of the organising committee of the Annual Theatre Festival, I successfully managed to host the entire event in a strict time and financial boundaries. I was responsible for the planning of the event, hiring of the supporting staff, marketing the event to the audience and executing the final plan effectively.

The problem with the above explanation is that it is simply mentioning what was already known and is expected of an organising committee’s president.

Our Resume Writing Service

Serving as the president of the organising committee, I learnt the difference between an organiser and a guest. With the planning of the entire event, I was able to develop management skills in me through which I can design, plan and execute tasks in my professional life as well. Also, the hiring of the supporting staff gave me an insight into what the job role demands of the person and how can I identify their capabilities. This skill is going to help me identify the strengths of my fellow co-workers in the professional environment and assign them duties they can easily fulfil.

The resume writing services by My Assignment Service ascertains that the key learnings are highlighted in a formal tone which will explain how it will help you in the professional work environment you are applying for.

Too Short or Too Long

It is important for any resume writing expert to identify the correct length of the resume. Though there is no fixed length that makes up a resume, our experts prefer to keep it simple. This means the resume should not extend up to five or six pages which explain each and every aspect of your life in a detailed manner. Our specialised ‘Resume Writing Services Australia’ pack, you do not have to worry about the length of your resume. The professional writers know what should go in a resume, how much should be mentioned there, and how to explain them effectively in the least possible space.

Resume Writing Service Puts You Ahead in The Game

It is always better to let a resume writing expert work rather than taking the risk for yourself. There are many tips and trick over the internet which tell you what you can do in a resume, what you should avoid in a resume, how can you improve your resume’s quality and much more. There is no argument over the fact that these tips give you a brief insight into how you can write your resume. However, if such tips were able to make you a master in the said skill, all the viewers of House, M.D. would have become professional doctors by the time it ended with 8 seasons. There is always a significant difference between the work done by professional resume writing services and the work done by a novice.

In the world today, the competition has grown exponentially. In such an event, there are always hundreds of applicants waiting to apply for any job. Hence, a recruiting manager has hundreds of resumes to go through and inspect and judge if the applicant is worthy or not in less than a minute. Therefore, it is crucial for candidates to not let the opportunity slip for any job interview at any cost.

Our ‘Resume Writing Services Australia’ pack is the perfect choice for you to get your resume done with the best professionalism possible. For people who are in and around Melbourne, you can avail of our ‘Resume Writing Services Melbourne’ pack for organisations strictly in Melbourne. Avail of our resume writing services and get your resume written by the best in the industry.

Already a pioneer in assignment writing help, My Assignment Services’ resume writing service is the best one in the industry and written by the best professional experts so that you do not miss your chance to get that job you always wanted. Order your resume with us now or send your query to help@myassignmentservices.com.

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