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Revision Policy

Our revision policy is completely free because it is understood that at times students may not be completely satisfied by our work and ask for a revision. It is in this regard that the revision policy mentioned below will assist you to seek our services in a hassle-free manner. Here are some of the features that are must be followed while asking for a revision.

  • The revision for the completed task, once sent, will be accepted up to a limit of maximum 15 days*
  • Your new requirements sent as a revision request must be in aligned with the previously given assignment requirements
  • Under a single revision cycle only one set of revision instruction can be entertained at a time (Any extra information provided afterwards will be counted in another revision cycle)
  • Your availability for any kind of communication during your revision period is mandatorily expected
  • If dissatisfied with any of our assignment, it must be enlisted on clear parameters along with a feedback (possibly from your professor)

Conditions Apply

* This is not applicable for assignment order that are related to technical subjects

* This is not applicable for assignments that are lengthy in nature. The lengthy nature of the assignment is the discretion of My Assignment Services

To raise the revision request, please fill in the following details -

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We advise you to use the order management system because it is the most appropriate channel for communication. Information shared on other channels can be lost and our company will not be responsible for it.