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Stata, whose name was actually abbreviated from the words statistics and data, is a statistical package for data analysis and management. Stata was developed by StataCorp in 1985 to be used in research preferably in the fields of epidemiology, sociology, biomedicine, economics assignment . Currently, its maintenance is done by Harvard School of Public Health’s Marcello Pagano. Stata is a comprehensive and flexible programming package that is capable of performing a wide range of activities including custom programming, graphics, statistical analysis, regression, data management and simulation. Stata cannot be effectively used in a large dataset because of its inability to open more than one dataset at ago. When it comes to data format compatibility, Stata is powerful enough to import data in a number of formats like Excel, databank and CSV formats. Since has platform independent file formats, its users can easily exchange programs even if they are using different operating systems.

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The growing demand in management courses and public health related programs which widely depend on data to support their facts has made Stata, a statistical package for data analysis, to become very popular in learning institutions .At ‘My Assignment Services’ we have contracted a pool of professional writers with comprehensive knowledge in Stata to assist our clients with assignments in Stata. Our writers are recruited through vigorous processes which only allow the most qualified professional to work on our client stata assignments. The teams of experts we engage at ‘My Assignment Services’ are well tuned in statistical packages and are popular researchers with credible academic records both at undergraduate and post graduate level of study. They are active researchers whose works have been documented in popular statistical packages journals available online. The experiences of professional writers at ‘My Assignment Services’ has made many students to submit their stata assignments ton My ‘Assignment Services’. Our experts will help you to complete assignments from any of the following Stata topics: development of stata, features of stata, versions of stata, extensibility of stata, timeline of release of stata, advantages of stata, weaknesses of stata, stata command-line interface, stata data storage and structure.

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At ‘My Assignment services’ any assignment from our client which is referred back for revision is absolutely done at no extra cost. This policy at My Assignment Services is enacted to ensure that our experts do not produce low quality assignments for our clients. The professional contract at ‘My Assignment Services’ delivers client’s assignments with free title page as well as reference pages. Our services though are of high quality; the clients are not exploited whatsoever. We only remit payments to our writers once the clients confirm that their assignments are well done. Any detail of our clients are not shared with any other person, therefore confidentiality is our key value. The experts at ‘My Assignment Services’ ensure original work for our clients’ assignments; this makes our clients not to get low marks from instructors. At ‘My Assignment Services’, our services are available both day time and during the night when other online writing sites are not working.

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