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You are a new graduate at a health sciences research institute. The lead researcher has given you a dataset which requires analyses and a written report on which you will be graded [based on the rubric attached to these instructions].

The data file which you will be using for this assignment contains the treatment records of 6354 Australians who were admitted to a hospital for suspected myocardial infarction [heart attack].

Data Preparation

For the purpose of your report, you must use SPSS to draw a random sample of 2000 of the 6354 observations. You will conduct your analysis on your sample of 2000 observations.

Instructions on how to generate your random sample is attached. Note, however, that some variables contain missing values, so each of your analyses might not contain the entire 2000 cases.

Question 1

The variable ‘anticlot’ indicates the type of anti-clotting drug prescribed to the patients. Produce the relevant graph and table to summarize the ‘anticlot’ variable and write a report describing this variable in the style presented in the course materials.

Question 2

The age of patients in years is provided in the data file. Produce the relevant graph and tables to summarize the ‘age’ variable and write a report describing this variable in the style presented in the course materials.

Answer:Please note, that this is only part of the answer and not the entire answer itself.
Question 1

Question 2

The mean age of the participants is 63.65 years ± 8.22 years (mean ± SD). The median age of the participants is 63 years. This indicates that, nearly 50% of participant’s age in the sample falls below 63 years and early 50% of participant’s age in the sample falls above 63 years. The minimum and maximum recorded participant’s age is 45 years and 104 years. Going through the histogram, it is found that most of the respondent’s age falls between 50 years and 60 years, indicating that the distribution of age of the participants is skewed right or positively skewed. In addition, we see that the frequency of participants aged above 80 years and above seems to be less indicating that there exist outliers in the dataset. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test for normality indicates that the distribution of age do not follow normal distribution (Kolmogorov-Smirnov test statistic = 0.061, p – value = 0.000 <0.05)

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Here are a few areas that dependlargely on statistics:

  • Medicine
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  • Psychology


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