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Quality Check

  • Is the central theme of the assignment followed?
  • All the sectional requirements are duly met
  • To ensure all the specified formatting styles is followed
  • Guarantee the reliability and authenticity of the references
  • To check the prescribed approach to an assignment is strictly adhered to
  • Trusted By Students of:

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We confirm that the central idea forms the pivot of the assignment

All assignments gyrate over a central idea. Our highly qualified and experienced quality check experts are adept at identifying the same in any assignment. Therefore, our experts can review the assignment and ensure the central theme is the driving factor for it.

We make sure that all the sectional requirements are well synchronised

The sectional requirements are corollaries to the central theme and form the skeleton the assignment. These requirements might include appropriate sub-headings and paragraph break-ups (to accommodate diversity in ideas). All these are ensured by our quality check experts.

Formatting styles are followed as per the academic standards

Formatting styles form the soul of academic writing. Our Quality Assurance team comprises mainly Ph.D. scholars, who are well versed in the different formatting styles that are followed world over. These experts are able to recognise any inconsistency in the assignments.

We have tried and tested methods to check the credibility of sources

Each and every source used for referencing is tested on its reliability, validity, relevancy and purpose. The sources must be the most recent. Our experts are well adept at employing this test for each and every case so that you get a flawless assignment.

We duly confirm that the approach followed is as per the provided guidelines

Every assignment follows a stipulated approach e.g. reflective, critical analysis etc. These form the fulcrum of the assignment. Our QA experts are well-read in each of these approaches. Therefore, these experts ensure that the distinctive details are maintained as per the academic guidelines.

Other Important Services

  • Plagiarism Check
    • Plagiarism is basically lifting/picking material from someone without giving due credit (without proper references) to the author.
    • Writing lengthy assignments and getting a “copying tag” while submitting it can be very frustrating. We can offer you a free plagiarism-check for each and every one of your assignment.
    • We are Super Quick!! Upload it and get a result within ….
    • Make necessary changes, if still in doubt, come to us and check it again. It’s completely FREE for you!!
    • Without spending a single penny get a Turnitin report from our website. Your assignments will now be 100% free of plagiarism.
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  • Proofread & Editing
    • Vast repository of linguistic experts
    • Record turnaround time as short as 24 hours
    • Follow stringent measures for editing and proofreading
    • Have a rich database of knowledgeable academic experts
    • Pool of International Experts
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  • Expert Consultation
    • Get all your doubts cleared about your assignment
    • Get an outline drafted by our experts
    • Talk to us about any academic concerns, regardless of the subject
    • Completed your assignment? If still in doubt, consult us!!
    • Our experts are available 24/7
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  • 1 on 1 Live Session
    • 1 on 1 live video sessions for all kinds of assignments
    • Opportunities to share your own experiences and inputs
    • Live expert opinion and clear all your subject matter doubts
    • Synopsis of the assignment through video sessions
    • Get an overview of the course module and study material
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